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SAS Training
SAS is a powerful statistical package that runs on Windows and Unix platforms. SAS is a comprehensive package with very powerful data management tools, a wide variety of statistical analysis and graphical procedures. This is a very brief
introduction and only covers just a fraction of all of the features of SAS. SAS is a statistical software package that allows the user to manipulate and analyze data in many different ways. Because of its capabilities, this software package is used in many disciplines (not just statistics!), including medical sciences, biological sciences, and social sciences. Knowing the SAS programming language will help you not only in your current class or research, but also possibly in obtaining a job. This course provides a hands-on overview of the features and functionality available in the applications of the SAS Intelligence Platform. You work with the SAS Management Console, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, and SAS Information Map Studio to build a data mart. The information in the data mart is analyzed and reported on using SAS Enterprise Guide, the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, SAS Web Report Studio, and the SAS Information Delivery Portal.
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