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Pay Per Click Management

Basically this is an advertising model in which advertisers pay for click-throughs to their website. To be clearer with PPC (Pay per click) this is an advertising structure where an advertiser pays an agreed amount for per click delivered to his or her website from a link or listing keyword to a specific search term, area of a site or even a banner. This is as same as give and take process for the PPC search engines. When a visitor clicks on your advertisement or at your keywords listed in the PPC engine result pages, you will be charged a certain amount of money which is already decided by you through your PPC control panel.

PPC control panel helps you in managing your various PPC campaign for your individual services or a group of service or clients. 

Tunning your PPC management

There are hundreds of PPC (pay per click) search engines in the market but all are not so popular and big in comparison of Yahoo and Google.

Yahoo runs this PPC engine called as Overture and Google with Google Adwords. Most of the advertisers use these two PPC engine for the PPC of their website.

It is not very easy to run PPC campaign for your website or for your client is you are not familiar with the tern used in PPC and if you are not aware with the market trend for PPC.

Starting a PPC campaign -

Before starting your PPC campaign or spending money with a pay per click search engine, please be sure they can answer the following -

  1. How many searches are performed on monthly basis at the search engine?
  2. How many searches are generated each month by the affiliates or search partners?
  3. Is it possible to choose out of having your listing appear in the search results of the affiliate sites?
  4. What major affiliates or search allies search engine have?
  5. What is the process for submit a "fraudulent clicks" report?
  6. What fraud prevention mechanisms search engines have?
  7. Will an account be credited for fraudulent clicks discovered if any?

So there are so many things you should know before you start your PPC campaign.

Start your PPC campaign with us and see the difference we made for your business. Our PPC experts will manage your PPC account; they will handle this and will bring the state where you will have lowest conversion rate for your product or service leads.

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