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When building applications in PHP, it is repeatedly far too simple to settle for the “quick and dirty” solution – poorly written, massive code that will never be used again and lacks any obvious intent. Since PHP is typically used in miniature projects that could themselves be described as “quick and dirty,” developers will excuse their poor code by stating that they will not have to work on the code another time and that they have no meaning of ever reusing it. The truth remains, however, that as with any job worth doing, it should be done well. This standard holds true in this situation for a number of reasons. First, when you get the time to write good code, you will nearly always get something reusable in any new code you write. Second, code all the time want maintenance or changes. It may not be you, but it will be someone, someday – that is of course except the code is so bad the poor fellow has to start from scratch. The intent of this piece of writing is to cover some of the most fundamental, low level system of writing good PHP code.The first practice we will converse covers directory structure and protection along with file system naming conventions for PHP applications. After that, we will wrap some coding conventions such as function and variable naming, indentation, and more. Lastly we will evaluate basic coding considerations to provide flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. Before start, let it be understood that some of the conventions advocated in this piece of writing could be considered a matter of preference and are by no means the single correct result, however they are time experienced and have proven effective time and again in application development.

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