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Dot Net Modules
  Microsoft .Net V2.0 Fundamentals
  • Two-Tier and Three-Tier Architecture
  • Concept of .Net Framework 2.0
  • Platform Requirements
  • Components of .Net Framework (CLR, CTS, CLS)
  • JIT (Just-In-Time) Compilers
  • MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language)
  • Managed and Unmanaged Code
  • Introduction to ASP.NET
  • Architecture of ASP.NET Framework with IIS
  Visual C# 2005 Fundamentals and OOPS Concept
  • Introduction to C#
  • Data Types (Value Types and Reference Types)
  • Data Types Conversations
  • Type Safety (Boxing and Unboxing)
  • Constants and Variables
  • Operator
  • Access Modifiers
  • Namespaces and Types of .NET Class Library
  • Inheritance and Types of .NET Class Library
  • Inheritance and Object Instantiation
  • Classes and Structures
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Methods (Declaring, Invoking and a passing Parameters)
  • Method Overloading and Operator Overloading
  • Polymorphism, Encapsulation
  • Properties and Indexer
  • Virtual, Overriding and Shadowing
  • Abstract classes, Sealed classes and Interfaces
  • Delegate and EventHandler
  • Enumeration
  • Error Handling and Exception classes
  • Generics and Type Parameters, Benefits of Generics
  Programming the .Net Framework
  • .Net Framework Basic Types
  •Objects Type
  •The String Type
  •The Char Type
  •The String Builder Types
  •Numeric Type
  •The DateTime Type
• Arrays, List and Collections
  •The Array Class
  •The System Collection Name space
  •Custom Collection and Directory Class
• Files, Directories and Streams
  •The Directory and File Classes
  •The Directory info and File info Classes
  •The Path Class
  •The Stream Class
• Regular Expressions
  •Regular Expressions Overview
  •The Fundamentals
  •The Regular Expression Language
  •Regular Expression Option
  •Regular Expressions Classes
  •The Regex Class
  •The Match Collection and Match Classes
  •The Group Class
• Threading
  Database Application
  • ADO .Net in Connected Mode
• The Transition to ADO .Net
• Introducing ADO .Net
• Net Data Providers
• The ADO .Net Object Model
• The Connection Object
• Setting the Connecting String Property
• Opening and Closing Connection
• Working with Transaction
• The Command Object
• Creating a Command Object
• Issuing Database Command
• Reading Data
• Working with Parameter and Store Procedure
• The Data Reader Object
• Iterating Over Individual Rows
• Reading Column Values
• Retrieving column Information
• Reading Multiple Resulted
• ADO .Net in Disconnected Mode
• The Dataset Object
• The Data Adapter Class
• XML and ADO .Net
  Web Applications and Web Forms
  • Execution Process of ASP.NET
• Process and Application Domain, Virtual Directory
• Starting with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005
• How to create and ASP.NET application and configure with IIS
• Description of Default Page of an ASP.NET application
• User Interface and Code-Behind File
• Directives, ASP.NET (Intrinsic) Objects
  ASP.NET V2.0 Server Controls
  • HTML Server Controls
• Web Server Controls
• Validation Controls
• Navigation Controls
• Login Controls
• Page Life Cycle and Round Trip
• EnableViewState and IsPostBack Properties of Page
• User Controls and Custom Controls
  ADO.NET and Working with XML/SQL Server 2005
  • ADO.NET Overview and Architecture
• Connection, DataAdapter Object
• DataSet, DataTable and DataView Objects
• Command, DataReader Objects
• Repeater, DataList, GridView Objects
• Populating Dataset, DataTable and Data Binding with Server Controls
• Working with XML Files and XML Schema
• Working with SQL Server 2005
  Web Application Security
  • AAA Security Concepts
• Concept of Authentication and Authorization
• Types of Authentication in .NET
• Configuring web.config file
• Login Controls
• Cookie-based authentication Process
• CAS (Code Access Security)
• Roll based Security
  Application and State Management
  • Overview of state management with HTTP
• Client-Side State Management
• Server-Side State Management
• Working with Application, Session Intrinsic objects
• Connection pooling and object pooling
• Customized Cookie
  • Overview of Caching Concept
• Page Caching
• Fragmentation Caching
• Data Caching
  Debugging and Tracing
  • Debugging Processes
• Concept and Implementation of Tracing
• Types of Tracing
  Working with Master Pages
  • The Advantages of Using Master Pages
• Writing Master and Content Pages
• Writing Nested Master Pages
• Programming Master Pages
  Personalization, User Profiles and Themes
  • Understanding Personalization
• Creating and Managing User Profiles
• Using Themes
  Working with Web Parts
  • Building Pages with Web Parts
• Creating an Editable Web Parts
• Connecting to Other Web Parts
  .Net Assembly and COM+
  • DLL Hell Problem
• Concept of Assembly
• Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
• Types of Assembly
• Converting a private Assembly into Shared Assembly
• Manifest and Metadata
• Globalization and Localization
• Tools used for Assembly
• Working with Custom Controls: Simple and Composite controls
• Difference between User Controls and Custom Controls
• Working with Bubble Events in GridView
  Concept of COM+ Services with Reflection
  • Reflection
• Serialization
• Threading
• Concept of COM+ Services
  n-Tier Architecture, Remoting and XML Web Services
  • n-Tier Architecture and .NET Framework
• Differences between Remoting and XML Web Services
• Overview of Remoting with Architecture
• Overview of XML Web Services with Architecture
• Component of Web Services (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, SOA)
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