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Flash Action Script Modules
    Chapter 1:  Controlling Visual Objects with ActionScript
  1.1    Using the Actions and Help panels
  1.2    Declaring variables and their data types
  1.3    Using the trace() function
  1.4    Using code hinting
  1.5    Assigning instance names and using them to assign runtime property values
  1.6    Using the with operator
  1.7    Introducing core properties of visual built-in classes: Movie Clip, Button, and Text Field
  1.8    Controlling Button and Movie Clip position and visual state
  1.9    Controlling Text Field content
  1.10  Introducing core properties of non-visual built-in classes: Math
  1.11  Using mathematical operators
  1.12  Understanding data type conversion
    Chapter 2:  Using and Writing Functions
  2.1    Working with Flash Player global functions
  2.2    Converting values returned from functions and assigning them for display
  2.3    Writing user defined functions
  2.4    Returning, or not returning, data from a function
  2.5    Understanding variable scope
  2.6    Adding code within a Movie Clip symbol's own time line
  2.7    Introducing the this operator
  2.8    Understanding object methods
  2.9    Introducing core methods of visual built-in classes: Movie Clip and Text Field
  2.10  Controlling the Movie Clip play head within its timeline
  2.11  Loading external Movie Clip content
  2.12  Exporting and attaching Movie Clip symbol instances at runtime
  2.13  Writing and using user defined functions to create visual content
  2.14  Understanding depth
  2.15  Dynamically referring to instance names and property names at runtime
    Chapter 3:  Using Text, Math and Paths
  3.1    Controlling Text Field formatting through code
  3.2    Creating and formatting Text Fields at runtime
  3.3    Working with String concatenation
  3.4    Generating random numbers and integers using the Math class
  3.5    Understanding relative path names
  3.6    Controlling nested Movie Clip objects
    Chapter 4:  Managing Colour, Sound and Data with Built-in Classes
  4.1    Understanding complex (aggregate) variables
  4.2    Working with Arrays
  4.3    Working with generic Objects
  4.4    Transforming Movie Clip objects using Transform and Colour Transform objects
  4.5    Generating random colour transformations
  4.6    Using Sound objects
    Chapter 5:  Making Decisions and Repeating Yourself
  5.1    Understanding looped code
  5.2    Using loops and arrays to attach, name, and control Movie Clip objects
  5.3    Using loops to create, name, and control Text Fields to display data object values
  5.4    Understanding conditional code execution
  5.3    Surveying the comparison and logical operators
  5.4    Using if/else comparison to toggle Movie Clip visual states
    Chapter 6:  Animating with ActionScript
  6.1    Dragging and dropping a Movie Clip object
  6.2    Testing for collision between Movie Clip objects
  6.3    Initialising attached Movie Clip objects
  6.4    Using the 'on Enter Frame' event handler
  6.5    Controlling visual change rate
  6.6    Testing and responding to position at runtime
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